A Lost World

Most of the blackout poems I've made have been from random books I've stumbled upon, but from the moment I first heard about blackout poetry, I knew I wanted to make one from this exact passage.

Complex interactions,
behavior is a kind of crystallization, too.
All the order in the natural world—
changes can occur very quickly.
Dangerous development
from hunting to farming to cities to cyberspace.
The end of innovation.
The whole world wired together is mass death;
a thousand birds on an ocean island,
three people on a committee—
nothing happens.
Every place the same,
a McDonald's on one corner,
a Benneton on another,
a Gap across the street.
Differences vanish;
less of everything except the top ten.
Species diversity,
intellectual diversity,
disappearing faster than trees.
Everything will stop dead in its tracks.