What my clients are saying about my work...


Writing is a new endeavor for me and the thought of sharing it pre-Jessica was a horrifying thought.  I had thought editing was reserved for manuscripts and papers -- I'm in the film and television industry and write pitches. Jessica's thoughtfulness, attention to detail, and ability to appreciate my own writing style gave me the confidence to take my pitch to the next level. I'm still in shock that I found her on Craigslist.  I was wasting HOURS on every sentence; worrying about grammar, losing sight of what matters in the pitch process -- the ideas. Because of Jessica I finished my pitch in a few weeks and I can no longer hide behind the fact that I'm still editing.  I have to show it. I can't thank Jessica enough.

Brandon Milbradt, Film and Television Producer

The legendary former UCLA basketball coach John Wooden once said, 'Details make the difference between a champion and a near champion.' Jessica Filippi is a champion because of her meticulous attention to detail. She finds mistakes that other editors miss. As an author and business owner, Jessica is my first option to review and edit my work. Her commitment to detail makes me look like a winner as well!

Daniel Armstrong, President, Find A Tree

I’m a ‘first book’ author and wasn’t sure what to expect from a professional editor. The difference Jessica made to my writing was amazing in terms of layout, grammar, and punctuation and she raised many instances where I needed to be clearer. I’m a UK author targeting the US market and Jessica ‘Americanized’ my spelling as well skillfully introducing some American vernacular. Throughout the editing, Jessica was prompt and efficient – her ‘tracked changes’ all worked smoothly. Jessica was a pleasure to work with and I cannot recommend her more strongly.

Dermod Sweeney, Author, Success in the Stock Market: Using the Power of the Internet

Since writing is a very personal thing, and oddly private despite the desire to share it with strangers, turning over one's work to an editor can be a fearful thing. But Jessica made it easy.  She brought years of experience, attention to detail, and her good sense of how stories are told. When I trusted Jessica with my most recent manuscript (a very different genre from previous books) it came back to me not changed but much improved. Her edits and suggestions helped the story flow and the characters live.

Mary Reeves Bell, Author of A Parliament for Owls and other novels

As a person who works on a wide variety of different projects, I was looking for an editor who is not only a solid professional, but also responsible, punctual and diligent. I was lucky enough to find Jessica, because she's all of those things. I have enjoyed working with her so far and I look forward to working with her in the future.

Igor Reznitsky, Writer and Entrepreneur, Stories of the Old Troll

AcuteByDesign Publishing has a very unique mission, which is to publish first-time and emerging writers, many of whom require a patient, experienced and meticulous proofreader, copy and content editor. What a joy to have found this bundle of professionalism wrapped up in one person, Jessica Filippi. Jessica had our firm as a client "at hello." Jessica helped one of our writers take apart a wobbly manuscript and rebuild it into a contender. The success of any writer begins with finding a highly-skilled editor with competitive pricing and and never-ending patience--that's Jessica Filippi.

Michel Marion, Author and Publisher, AcuteByDesign

Jessica helps me with editing my blog posts and I am glad that I found her! She is professional, detail-oriented, and always patient. She comes up with better word choices, rewrites sentences to make them clear and tidy, and gives suggestions on where I could add more context. She is also familiar with different styles--AP style, MLA style…you name it. English is my second language, and sometimes I find it difficult to write a sentence that conveys the right message, but Jessica’s edits show me the ropes and give me confidence to get my work out there.

Nina Huang, Journalist and Founder of China Qs

I can't thank Jessica enough for her professionalism, patience and giving me the feeling of having another friend. Her work gave me much more than I expected. As a first-time writer, I was concerned about which way to go when my book was completed. Jessica helped alleviate any anxiety I had about getting my message out. If I become the next Hemingway, I'll have her to thank.

Jacob Towle, Author of War in Blue

After all the hours spent researching, writing, and editing my latest book, I wanted the print and eBook formatting to be perfect. Fortunately, I found Jessica. Using her years of typesetting experience, she massaged the text to avoid the stacking of hyphens at the margins. She chose a font that fit my theme, added a table of contents, and ensured the bullet points displayed properly. She also made sure the links were active in the eBook, but removed them in the print book for a more professional look. When I uploaded the files she prepared, not a single error occurred on CreateSpace or Kindle Direct Publishing. I enjoyed working with Jessica, and would definitely work with her again for formatting and other author-related services.

Kara Lane, Author of From Photographer to Gallery Artist and other books (www.karalane.com)

Recently, I have been working to publish my sixth book, DETERMINED: To Have Life More Abundantly. However, my two regular editors who help me enormously have been busy with other projects. One of the chapters of this book had some major editing issues and I quickly needed them fixed. Therefore, I had to look outside of my sphere of contacts and find another excellent editor who is fully capable of doing a major edit. I was able to find Jessica Filippi, and I am happy I did. Jessica guaranteed that she could meet my expectations with excellence. I appreciated that she sent me an email to explain the type of edits my writing needed. This gave me some confidence that she indeed understood the rules of the English language.
I can say that I would suggest her to my friends for any writing project. She was fully able to fix my grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors. In addition, which was most important to me, she was able to rearrange my paragraphs, add a few extra sentences into the work, as well as delete sentences not needed in order to give my writing a flow to the readers eyes.

Lawrence Bowman, Author and Founder, Orphan Frontier