Urban Equestrian

Urban Equestrian started out as a blog about the improbable pursuit of horseback riding in New York City, but evolved to become a blog about figuring out what's important in life and going after that full tilt.

It follows the story of my return to horseback riding after a nearly decade-long absence and then my transition from a lifelong English rider to Western rider.

Horse Network

Click here to read my article on the scientific background of the BLM's mustang management policies.

Writing Horseback

Writing Horseback is a travel writing website focused on tips and reviews for creating the ideal horseback vacation. I contributed a guest blog post on where to go horseback riding in Brooklyn, NY, reviewing the barns where I used to ride.


For the first decade or so of my career, I commuted to an office every day.

Possibly the worst thing (in a long list of terrible things) for me about the commuter lifestyle was how limiting it was—even for the time outside of work that was supposed to be my own. It was difficult enough to give 40 hours a week to someone else; the other 128 hours were supposed to be mine. But the necessity of returning to the same location every day severely limited the possibilities of what I could do with those remaining hours. The biggest limitation was mobility. I couldn’t really go anywhere. When your vacation time is only 2 weeks for the entire year, you don’t have many options for travel. Factor in using some of those days for holiday travel to see your family and you’re left with pretty scant time for exploring this enormous, complex, fascinating world.

Since taking up the freelance life, I have been exploring what it means to be able to work anywhere, organizing my life around mobility so that I have as few limitations as possible on going wherever I want, whenever I want.

This is a blog about travel, freelancing, sociological musings about how people choose to live, searching for understanding, and the exploration of “elsewhere.”

Discover Meekly

Music has the power to give us back our selves.

Discover Meekly takes a look at my Spotify Discover Weekly playlist and tries to make sense of it all.