Self-Publishing Services

The publishing industry has experienced massive change in the last several years, and continues to evolve. Self-publishing has not only opened the way for authors to get their work out there like never before — it's also gaining market share while that of traditional publishing plummets.*

As a first-time author navigating the complex process of publishing a book, you need a guide with experience in both traditional book production and cutting-edge e-book technology. Someone who knows how to evaluate a manuscript; edit your words so they are clear, grammatically correct, and also flow beautifully; how to typeset your manuscript so it looks its best for publication; how to create a fully functioning e-book; and how to decide which channels for publication are right for your project.


Full-Service Packages

You wrote a book. Whether fiction or non-fiction, it was a huge creative undertaking, and now you're finally ready to publish. You start researching your options for editing, typesetting, format options (print or e-book? or both?), all of the many self-publishing platforms and distribution channels — and you're quickly overwhelmed. You've just done a ton of work creating your book, and now you realize how much effort must go into researching and procuring all the services you need to get your book into the hands of readers. It doesn't have to be that complicated. I offer a one-stop stop for self-publishing services with one-on-one guidance through each step of the process.


A la Carte Services

Don't need the full package? Already part way through the process, or working with a publisher who will handle the latter stages of publication? If you're just looking for someone to evaluate, edit, proofread, or typeset your manuscript (or any combination of those), I offer a la carte publishing services.

* According to the May 2016 Author Earnings Report on Amazon e-book sales.